Life is sweet, you just got extra!

Hello, and thank you for stopping in! I am so thrilled “you” have found “me”, not in a weird dating app kind of way, but in a “i hope we can become great friends” kind of way. Just a fore-warning, in this platform I will be transparent, I will share my truths, I will be vulnerable, witty and of course funny. I fully expect to have people either fall in love with what I am putting out there or to totally hate it. Either way, thank you for exploring this little corner of my world and

deciding for yourselves.

That being said, my name is Jisel Parra I am a wife, mother to two beautiful human beings (Valentina and Lorenzo), an entrepreneur and a professional blogger. One thing that I can immediately point out that we have in common, without a shadow of doubt… yep you guessed it, Type 1 Diabetes. Whether you have been affected by type 1 through a family member, friend or you yourself live with type 1 I am certain that’s how we connected. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 15 years of age. Now as a 32 year old with many years of experience under my belt, I remember back to my days as a “newly diagnosed diabetic” and think “Damn girl, you’re doing it!”. Although not the ideal path to walk through in life, it has created a layer of resilience in me and for that I have to grateful.

Much of my adolescence was spent trying to contain the battle raging inside of my defiant self. I hated the idea of being “different” but at the same time wanted to be understood. I hated wearing my disease on my sleeve for everyone to misinterpret but at the same time craved for someone to ask me what my insulin pump was so I could just talk about it. It wasn’t until many years later that I realized that what I hated most of all, was that I had to do it alone. I literally knew NO ONE that truly “understood” what I was going through and it ate at me more than I want to admit.

Through those years of navigating these waters in what felt like total isolation, I grew wiser. Please do not get me wrong, many mistakes were made but life has given me grace… something that becomes so essential to recognize when living with type 1 diabetes.

As the years passed I learned to value the people and moments that took the time to learn and inquire about me and my disease. In addition, I also learned not take it as personal when having to explain this disease to someone who assumed it was because I ate too much sugar for what feels like the 700th time. I have also learned that this disease can come in waves… one moment everything is under “control” and the next you are cradled in the fetal position praying for an ounce of relief. It’s hard, It’s frustrating and it’s exhausting.

But it is during those times of battle, you know that ones I am referring to… when you are tip toeing with the potential of going into DKA because for whatever reason your high blood sugar will not budge. Or, what about those low blood sugar moments, yea the ones that come at you so fast and leave you in a puddle of sweat, tears and a full blown panic attack because you swore you were about to die. If you are reading this, you too have pulled through and although you may have acquired some level of anxiety due to those traumatic experiences you made it and you are here, where you are meant to be.

Here in my little corner of the world, I hope to make you feel seen, heard and understood. I hope that through me sharing my experiences and point of view I can encourage you to do the same for others. In my opinion we are only as good as what we are willing to share with this world, so let’s share often and with good intentions. I hope to make this place a home for many of you to interact with me and with one another, because the reality is that we do have one another, we are just a simple introduction away.

So, please stay a while. Explore, comment on the threads and lets connect. I am eagerly and excitedly waiting to interact with all of you! And always remember: life is sweet, you just got extra!


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