My Experience with COVID19... so far.

So it happened... on Friday July 17th I tested positive for COVID19. It was a moment I had honestly been dreading since mid-March when all of this began for us. How did I get it you ask? If I am being honest, there are so many possibilities it's impossible to tell. My husband and I have been working from home since the second week in March and we have limited our outings to grocery runs and the seldom outdoor interaction with family members.

We wore masks, washed hands and sanitized hands. About a month ago our children started daycare back up again, and even as close as two weeks ago my mom complained of having a headache... all in all contact with the virus may have occurred at any point, but it happened. I am not here to go through "contact tracing" to try to figure out how I got it... I am here to share my experience with COVID19 and to give you all a day to day account of my symptoms.

By no means am I intending this post to be about lessening the impact of COVID or to offer any medical advice, but here is my account of COVID, what I did to alleviate symptoms and how I am dealing with it. I am currently on day 9 since the onset of symptoms and plan on recording until day 14. Please see my day to day account below, thus far:

Day 1 of symptoms (Saturday, July 11, 2020)

I woke up feeling a bit under the weather, nothing too extreme. It honestly felt as if I was having issues with my allergies. I got out of bed, got ready for my day and after washing my face and brushing my teeth I carried on to my 10am workout that day. I felt fine the rest of the day and into the evening.

Day 2 of symptoms (Sunday, July 12, 2020)

Waking up on Sunday felt different, my throat was very dry and sore. The biggest pain, was just in the act of swallowing. Each time I swallowed it literally felt like paper cuts. Other than this, I had no other symptoms. But I did make a decision to start "treating" this awful sore throat... I whipped up a batch of my Garlicky Veggie Soup and spent the day consuming that, hot tea and gargling warm water with salt and baking soda. Blood sugars maintained themselves at an average of 150mg/dl throughout the day.

Day 3 of Symptoms (Monday, July 13, 2020)

Monday hurt. Not the day Monday, but my existence in it.... So my sore throat went from paper cuts (which is bad enough) to paper cut feeling every time I swallow while on fire. I mentally prepared myself each time I needed to swallow, it hurt that bad. Today, I also began to feel that "under the weather" feeling. I didn't feel horrible but I did not feel great. My eyes itched and burned and I just wanted to lay on the couch and let the day pass by. I still had an appetite but only wanted to consume foods that were going to be kind to my aching throat. Cue another fresh batch of my Garlicky Veggie soup and some bread and butter for a more filling approach. Throughout the day, I admittedly ate through my kids stash of red, white and blue popsicles to sooth my throat and hot tea. Lots of hot tea.

*Blood sugars were a bit elevated today, highest being 215 mg/dl, but a correction and changing my pump to my "sick" profile quickly put me back in range for the rest of the day.

Day 4 of Symptoms (Tuesday, July 14, 2020)

My sore throat dilemma continued into Tuesday and to this add congestion, mild body aches, mild headache and fatigue... like wow, the fatigue. Come Tuesday I had to take breaks throughout my day. Whenever I began to feel a heaviness come over, I would just listen to my body and rest. I also made it a point to keep my body in movement. I did a lot of stretching and mild yoga and meditation. This helped me clear my head and allowed me to flow with whatever was ailing my body, instead of trying to fight it. (little did I know that the culprit was COVID). On Tuesday, I kicked my soup to the side and made myself a nice bountiful salad for lunch and I sat outside in the back patio to eat it, for some reason during these days I've had a heightened attraction to spending time outside, even if it was for only 15 or 20 mins. Sunshine helps.

*Today I experienced the highest elevation in blood sugars topping out at 261, but I was also on day 4 of my insulin cartridge and for me this personally happens anytime I try to go past 3 days. Once I changed my pump site and cartridge I went back into range.

Day 5 of Symptoms (Wednesday, July 15, 2020)

Come Wednesday, I finally felt like my sore throat was on the mend. The simple act of swallowing no longer made me grimace. THANK GOD! But the fatigue, yea Wednesday might as well be a wash... my bed called and I willingly answered. Wednesday I gave in and slept, honestly I had no choice. Day 5 was also the first day I truly felt "feverish" and was sweating, it was the first time I sat back to myself and said "What if it is COVID?'' but of course "that's not possible, I have been so careful!"... and the body aches did continue on Wednesday along with congestion.

*Blood sugars were a bit elevated today, approx. 180 mg/dl for the majority of the day. I attribute this to the lack of movement and inconsistent meals throughout the day.

Day 6 of Symptoms (Thursday, July 16, 2020)

This is where I really felt like I was turning a new leaf in this ordeal. My sore throat had significantly subsided and I would now consider it to be mild discomfort. I did continue to feel like I was "sweating" something off... like that feeling when your fever "breaks". I also had congestion and sneezing. But other than that, I no longer had body aches, nor did I feel AS fatigued as I had felt the previous days. Everything was all good and dandy until lunch time when I noticed that my food had no taste and surely enough I couldn't really smell what I was eating. Then and there my friends is when I really said, "This is COVID!" I was able to get myself an appt to be evaluated for a test the next day.

*Blood sugars averaged at 160 mg/dl for the majority of the day.

Day 7 of Symptoms (Friday, July 17, 2020)

Friday morning I did wake up feeling a bit feverish and I did have congestion and lots of sneezing going on. But I did have a teleconference dr's appt to look forward to. During that appt the doctor ran through the list of symptoms and between my responses and me being a Type 1 Diabetic, he deemed a test necessary and was able to get me into the office the same day. I was able to get a rapid test done, which yields results in 15 minutes. The test was not pleasant, the lingering burning/soreness that is left in the upper region of your nostrils is really the kicker. Within 15 minutes the doctor came back into the examination room and nonchalantly said "Your positive!" Cue deer in headlights look. Cue sudden wave of heat/anxiety. And then, between lots and lots of sneezes I regained myself and said to myself "Okay, then this makes day 7 of my symptoms and I have been able to take care of this without medical intervention. I can do this." I would be lying if i didn't admit to the flusters of anxiety that would surface later on in the day, but each time my mind would go there, I would have to remind myself... your breathing is fine, your symptoms are mild, be thankful and let the body do its work.

*Blood sugars were a bit elevated today maintaining themselves in the 170 - 180 mg/dl range for the majority of the day. Stress and anxiety my friends.

Day 8 of Symptoms (Saturday, July 18, 2020)

On Saturday, I slept. At this point I knew that I have COVID and it was like my mind was truly able to accept that I just needed to sleep and allow my body to combat this virus the best it could. So I slept, then I woke up and did some minor things around the house then took another nap. My symptoms have dwindled down to just congestion, raspy voice, fatigue and the loss of taste and smell is still very prevalent. * Blood sugar averaged at 160 mg/dl for the majority of the day.

Day 9 of Symptoms (Sunday, July, 19, 2020)

We are now caught up... and today I woke up with that sore throat feeling again. Yay me! But at least it is no where near as severe as it was in the beginning. I am not going to lie, waking up with the sore throat made me feel discouraged, but at the end we all know that this virus is so unpredictable and it made me realize that I could not go lax on any of my methods to treat this.

*My blood sugars have averaged at yet again 160 mg/dl for the majority of the day.

This has not been fun and I am still on this ride. A big thing you may have noticed is that I did not present with any difficulties breathing. I have not had any issues with extreme coughing or dry coughing and my lungs as of Friday when the dr. checked my vitals are clear. This virus is tricky in the sense that it plays differently in every environment at that environment changes from person to person.

Things that I truly believe have alleviated the symptoms I am experiencing...

  • Hot tea with organic raw honey and lemon (if not allergic)

  • Soup - Chicken soup, Garlickly Veggie soup, make sure you eat and get as many greens into your diet

  • H20 - drink up! Stay hydrated, if you think you've had enough grab another glass!

  • Gargling warm water with salt and baking soda ( i did 4oz of distilled water with a couple dashes of salt and half a teaspoon of baking soda, gargle mixture and spit out - repeat twice a day)

  • I incorporated essentials oils into my routine lavender to keep my calm and frankincense because it's BOMB!

  • SUPPLEMENTS! I took the following daily: Vitamin D3, Vitamin C and Zinc

  • MOVEMENT - when I began to feel heavy or antsy I would force myself to engage in a 10-15 min light yoga flow practice. It would be just enough that I could get through it without feeling to worn out, but if you feel like its too much please don't force yourself. Listen to your body.

  • MEDITATION & PRAYER - this one has been a game changer in how I have been able to handle this mentally. I have been living in a constant state of anxiety for months fearing the virus and here I was with it literally inside of my body. The mind is powerful. So taking time to quiet the mind and allowing the body to do the work it needs to do in the moment was essential for me. Fear and panic were not going to help me feel better anytime soon, figure out how to quiet the fear and panic. A.K.A TURN OFF THE NEWS! I decided to deal with this on an intuitive level. Unless, I deemed it medically necessary I was not going to allow any exterior influence how I handled this.

(Please note that all of the above are the methods I chose in order to assist with the management of my COVID diagnosis, it is not intended to be medical advice.)

COVID & Type 1 Diabetes

From my direct experience with COVID, I have not had any extreme issues. Granted, my number have clearly been elevated since the onset of symptoms, but I have not experienced any stubborn highs that could not be corrected with proper insulin dosage. In addition, when my body is fighting a virus this is typically the range I see... slightly elevated but not enough to cause alarm for me personally. That being said we are all different, what may not cause alarm to me may be very alarming to you.

For reference my current A1C is 6.3% and I typically average anywhere from 95 - 150 when not sick. In addition other than my T1D I do not have any other underlying issues and I am 32 years old.

That being said I am still on the ride....

As I said earlier COVID is so new, and we are still learning so much. The best advice I can confidently give at this current time is TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY... A well prepped immune system has a far superior chance when battling COVID. Be vigilant, I was as careful as I could be and I still got COVID, I just feel blessed that so far what I am experiencing seems to be a milder form of it.

And lastly, PLEASE do not live your lives in FEAR.... FEAR does not assist in building a healthy immune system. Be prepared and be proactive but please do not live in fear.

If you have made it this far, thank you! I am available to answer any questions you may have on my experience thus far with COVID.

Stay safe and healthy my friends

Bug hugs from a distance,



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